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Greetings, I am Pietro, an experienced Sound Designer and Music Composer based in the vibrant city of Brescia. My journey into the world of sound and music started in London, where I immersed myself in Sound Design and Music Composition for Media.

With a diverse array of experiences spanning TV, film, advertising, and podcasts, I have had the privilege of contributing my expertise to global platforms. Notably, my work has resonated with audiences of esteemed networks such as Fox and Discovery Channel. Additionally, I have collaborated with industry luminaries, including visionary film directors Ridley Scott and Paolo Sorrentino.

My involvement in the music scene extends to collaborations with iconic artists such as Iggy Pop, David Byrne, Groove Armada, Mina, and Celentano. These partnerships have not only influenced my craft but have also infused my work with a diverse and eclectic energy.

In the ever-evolving landscape of sound, I have strategically positioned myself at the forefront of innovation. Presently, my focus is on the dynamic realm of New Media—whether crafting immersive soundscapes for mobile games, sculpting auditory identities in the metaverse, or weaving narratives through podcasts. I thrive at the intersection of creativity and technology.

Follow me on this sonic journey as I bridge the traditional and avant-garde, bringing a symphony of experiences to every project. Let’s not merely create sound; instead, let’s craft experiences that resonate in the ears and hearts of audiences.

🔊 Turning Noise into Narratives - Because Sound Speaks Louder Than Words! 🎵

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